Actions which may cause a breach Edit

  • Sending an abusive text message
  • Residing in the same house as the aggrieved person
  • Owning/using a firearm
  • Approaching the aggrieved person in a manner which is inconsistent with the order
  • Any other behaviour which would go against the terms of the order

A breach can occur within or outside the ACT

What happens when a breach occurs Edit

  • Police will be notified
  • If it is believed that the breach was significant the police may charge the offender

What happens when a breach occurs Edit

  • Once the police have charged an offender the matter will go to a criminal court
  • The police must prove:
    • the offender was presented when the order was made OR was personally served
    • the offender committed an offence that was direct breach of the order

What you should do if you breach an order Edit

Seek legal advice

For more information:

The Domestic Violence and Prevention Orders Act 2008

The Family Law Act 1975