There are 8 categories of civil disputes which ACAT can assist you with.

Contract DisputesEdit

If you and another person are having a disagreement over the terms of a contract, ACAT may be able to help you.

Damages ApplicationEdit

If another party's actions have caused damage to your property or goods, ACAT may be able to help you with an application to recover damages. 

Debt ApplicationEdit

If another party is indebted to you, you can file an application with ACAT to assist you in recovering that debt. ACAT can also assist with filing to recover interest owed on that debt.

Goods ApplicationEdit

If you are looking for the recovery of the value of particular goods or services, or for the provision of particular goods or services, or for damages caused by the detention of goods, ACAT may be able to assist you.

Nuisance ApplicationEdit

A nuisance is either an interference with your land, or an interference with your enjoyment of your land. For example, an overflow from a neighbour's burst pipe flows onto your land. You can apply to ACAT for an order requiring the neighbour to repair the burst pipe. You can also apply to ACAT for an order requiring your neighbour to compensate you for the costs of cleaning up the overflow. (Note: Example adapted from ACAT)

Trespass ApplicationEdit

A trespass occurs if someone has entered your land uninvited, and without your authorisation or permission. If a person is on your land, and refuses to leave after being told to do so, that person is also trespassing. ACAT can provide orders for dealing with trespass, such as an order requiring a squatter to leave your land, or compensation orders for damaged caused by a squatter.

Application for a Debt DeclarationEdit

ACAT can make a declaration which states the amount, or maximum amount, of money that you owe to someone else. ACAT can also make an order declaring that you do not owe any debt to the other party.

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